Vili Mustalampi

Vili Mustalampi is a specialist in Latin Music, he is a singer,  composer and plays multiple instruments.  His debut single, Mä olen sun kokonaanas a solo artist came out in December 2017. Since then he has been releasing three other singles: Lämmöt päälle, Mango and the latest Liian ihana in May 2019. 

Vili with his band plays Latin music in Finnish and does it with such a style and respect towards the music genre that it's the perfect combination to play at the West Coast Salsa Festival!

Tiempo Habana

Tiempo Habana is a Finnish-Cuban band that plays modern timba-style salsa. The repertoire consists mainly of their own songs as well as some new composed songs from well known artists like Manolito y su Trabuco, Pupy y los que Son Son, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son and Havana D´Primera.

The musicians in the band have played salsa and son for over twenty years in different combinations.  Tiempo Habana has played at several festivals, including for example April Jazz, Savitaipale and Cinemaissi. 

This band will for sure make your feet dance, hips shake and make you feel just like under the hot Cuban sun! Grab a mojito from the bar and let the music run through your soul!

Tiempo Habana: Palo pa mi macho