Pori is a city known for it's unique and a bit weird atmosphere and people. Therefor it's warmly recommended to stay a few nights more than just the festival weekend and explore the city! Here are a few tips that are worth a visit. 

Kirjurinluoto beach
Kirjurinluoto beach

Places and events:

Kirjurinluoto, or Kirvatsi like the locals call this park is a green oasis in the middle of the city. Go for a swim, enjoy a piknik in the park, have a look at the animals or take the kids to the enormous playground.

Pori Art Museum 
This museum founded by Maire Gullichsenin is know for it's high standard contemporary art.

Lainsuojattomat -theatre festival
Organised by the Rakastajat theater. Lainsuojattomat is a festival purely based on performances by free theater groups. The festival will last until 19th of May, so it's a perfect continuum for the salsa festival. 

Adventure park Huikee & hiking in Yyteri
Take a few extra days around the festival and enjoy the outdoors of Yyteri in Seikkailupuisto Huikee where you can climb up in the woods or go hiking around Yyteri

Reposaari and Kallo
Reposaari is a small island just off the shore of Pori. This idyllic village is full of wooden houses and old fisherman's village flair. Enjoy the atmosphere and pop in at the local Gastro Pub Merry Monk for lunch.  Also the rocks of Kallo and  its's lighthouse are worth a visit. 

Kokemäki river
Kokemäki river

Cafe's & restaurants:

Petras Café located in the center of Pori offers a wide range of selfmade sweets and salty baking. Also lunch and breakfast is served. 

Cafe Solo, Poris own coffee roastery, come and enjoy a cup of Pori's best coffee. 

Restaurant Borg, in the center at Eetu Squere, a nice restaurant with a terrace where you enjoy the people walking by. 

Blind Burger and Turos Heavy Kebab a bit fancier burgers, kebabs and pizzas to keep your going after the festival weekend. 

One for the Road Irish pub, or Irkku, is an authentic Irish pub where the local art scene and art like persons meet for a beer or a cuppa. 

Cafe Elba, this cosy little wine bar is located right next to the market square. They also serve antipasti and desserts.  

General information about Pori:

Visit Pori, Poris tourist center

Pori.fi Pori city's www-page