Full Festival Pass

Includes all dance classes from Friday to Sunday and festival evening parties (pool party not included).

Full Festival pass until 31.12.2018                       95 €   

Full Festival pass until 31.1.2019                         110 €   

Full Festival pass until 28.2.2019                       120 €  

Full Festival pass until 31.3.2019                        130 € 

Full Festival pass until 30. 4.2019                      140 € 

Full Festival pass from 1.5.2019 onward            155 € 


155 €

Festival pass Friday

Includes all dance classes on Friday and Friday party.  

40 €

Festival pass Saturday

Includes all dance classes on Saturday and  Saturday evening party. Note that the pool party is not included in the day pass. 

85 €

Festival pass Sunday

Includes all dance classes on sunday. 

45 €

A single ticket, 1 h

One hour, 60 minutes, ticket to an individual dance class during the festival weekend

15 €

Party ticket Friday

Hotel Nightclub 21-02

DJ's Don C & El Beny

15 €

Party ticket Saturday

Hotel Nightclub 21-02

Habana Helsinki orchestra & DJ Don C 

20 €

Pool party Saturday

In Merenneito spa 17-19
Pool party is free for hotel guests. Tickets for non-guests 10 €. Tickets are sold only at the hotel reception. 

DJ El Beny

10 €

Pre-ticket sales finishes on Thursday 9.5. at 12:00. After this tickets are sold at the door. Payment methods preferable cash, also the most common bank-and credit cards are available. 

Collect the prepaid tickets/passes at the festival info desk before the lessons or party with your name (please be prepared to verify your identity when asked). Festival passes (full and day) are personal. Tickets and passes are non-refundable or changeable.

Porkka Badass Productions reserves the right to changes.