Salsa 19.10.2019

Dance Classes by Yasser Sarría
Saturday 19.10.2019 at 12-16

In October Yasser Sarría is coming back for an other round of energetic and fun dance classes.


12:15 Couple salsa, intermediate
A lesson for those who know the basics of couple salsa. 

13:15 Couple salsa, intermediate/advanced
A lesson for those who know well the basic patterns of couple salsa. 

14:15 Bachata (couple), all levels
Suitable for hose who already know the basics of bachata or some other couple dance. 

15:15 Reggaeton, all levels
An energetic class that for sure will make your body move! Suitable for everyone. A short choreography will be made in this class.

Duration of one class 55 minutes. 

12 e/h, 40e/all 4hours
Payment at the door, cash only or with bank transfer.

Payment instructions:  Porkka Badass Productions
IBAN: FI81 1470 3500 8911 66
Write your name and which lessons in the message field. 

You can attend the lessons alone, but to ensure a good balance between leaders and followers it's recommended to come with own couple.

Porin Baletti ja Flamenco-opisto's studios are at Teljänkatu 8 A 2, 2. floor. Remember to take indoor shows with you, it's also possible to dance with socks on. There are a lot of free parking spots nearby.

La Jefa's Salsa Night

Saturday 19.10.2019 @ KulttuuriKulma

In October it's again time for a steaming hot salsa night with orchestra Los Salsanismo! 

La Jefa's Salsa Night is a part the celebrations of Cuban Culture week 14.-20.10.2019.  Come and enjoy the music, dancing and authentic Cuban flair!  During the night Yasser will keep short dance animation to keep you going. 

Los Salsanismo

Los Salsanismo consists of 12 Cuban and Finnish musicians playing a vide variety of afro-cuban music with a distinctly fresh Nordic twist. The group will surely get the party started anywhere they go! 


Pablo Contino Sanchez (voc, perc.)
Petra Gustafsson (voc, fl)
Mari Peteri (voc)
Mikko El Malo Mattila (p, key)
Andres Mena (tim)
Gerardo Hernandez (cgs)
Mikko Hyttinen (bass)
Mikko 'El Presidente' Koivisto (bgs)
Erno Haukkala (tb)
Aldo Martinez (tb)
Frangel Luis Espinosa (trt)
Nazaret Viesca Colinas (trt)

20:00 Doors open, dj El Beny
21:00 Los Salsanismo, 1st set
21:45 Dj El Beny
22:30 Los Salsanismo 2nd set
23:15 Dj El Beny
00:30 Buenas noches!

Tickets 17 € (including cloakroom)

The evening is K-18

KulttuuriKulma, Gallen-Kallelankatu 8, 28101 Pori