Porkka Badass Productions events are a combination of dance, music and theater put together with a fresh attitude  and funky feeling.  In autumn 2018 starts a series of four events, the first one that starts on 10th of November is dedicated to salsa. Later will be time for a roaring 20's day and Argentinian tango, as well as traditional Finnish social dancing brought to you in a more city like ambient without forgetting the nostalgic touch to it. The days are filled with dance classes by professional teachers and party around the theme in the evening. These club-nights go by the name La Jefa's. Live music, great dj's, dazzling shows and animations are the core of these evening parties.  Come to dance, learn something new, enjoying the music or just relax and get inspired by the atmosphere!  Bienvenidos!

La Jefa [la he-fa]: Spanish for a female boss, also used as mother or matron.