Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa

Julio Miñoso

Miñoso is a precise and gentle teacher whose peaceful teaching style allows everyone to get the most out of class. He has over 20 years of experience in Cuban popular and folk dances as a dancer, teacher and performer. Minõso graduated from the Escuela Profesional de Arte Samuel Feijoó in 1996 and later continued his  studies at the ISA (el Institución Superior de Arte).

During his dance career Miñoso has starred in several performances in Cuba and internationally, including Colombia, Canada, Sweden and Martinique. In recognition of his work as a dance artist, Miñoso was elected a member of UNEAC. UNEAC selects artists and writers who are particularly committed to the development of Cuban culture.

At the festival Miñoso teaches eg. afro and rumba. 

Lazaro Torres

Lazaro is a patient, cheerful and polite teacher. His sunny lessons will make you learn the depth and  technique behind each dance. 

Lazaro is a Cuban dance teacher, dancer and choreographer who has been teaching Cuban dances in Havana to both Cubans and tourists, including Finns, for over 10 years.

He graduated from the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA) and for the past years he has been worked as a first dancer at Havana's famous Tropicana show.

In Cuba, in addition to Tropicana, he has performed at carnivals and in many famous theaters such as Mella and Karl Marx. Lazaro has also made performance trips abroad, e.g. To Moscow, Chile and Uruguay.

At the festivals, Lazaro teaches e.g. couple salsa together with Soila and Cabaret lessons.

Yasser Sarría Terry
Yasser Sarría Terry

Carlos Correa

This mans smile lights up every dance floor! He has been brightening up the Finnish salsa scene for decades with his smile and professionalism. The first steps of salsa feel easy and comfortable in his guidance.

Carlos is one of the first salsa instructors in Finland. After three years in Finland, Carlos got to know Miguel Verdecia (founder of dance school Baila Baila), who offered him a place in his dance group. Carlos' always sunny appearance and clear style of teaching draw the studios full of students no matter where. Many come to his lessons regularly to learn more patterns in couple salsa and rueda.

Since the beginning of 2000 Carlos has also been spending more time behind the dj decks. When dj Don C is playing there is a party also in the dj booth! He is not just spinning the records but the whole man is whirling around playing the maracas, clave or guiro!

At the West Coast Salsa Festival he will be teaching, salsa, couple salsa and rueda as well as being one of the dj's at the festival parties.

Julio Miñoso
Julio Miñoso

Soila Sarría

Soila is an energetic, fun, demanding and also patient teacher who makes her students stretch to the best possible performance!

Soila Sarria  has been dancing since she was a child. She has danced ballet, modern and jazz dance as well as street dances such as hip hop and break dance. She has studied modern and jazz dance at New York's Step's On Broadway Dance School. In 1997 Soila traveled to Cuba for the first time and visited the Cuban modern and popular dance courses in Havana, National School of Arts (ENA - Escuela National de Arte).

Soila has been teaching salsa and other Latin dances in several dance schools in Finland. 

At the festival Soila will be teaching Ladies style classes and couple salsa classes together with Lazaro. 

Yasser Sarría Terry

Yasser is an energetic and fun teacher who's lessons are full of action! His style combines the power of Afro-Cuban dances and the dynamics of popular dance forms. He has been living and teaching in Helsinki already 15 years.

Yasser graduated as a dance instructor and professional dancer in 1993 (Escuela Profesional de Arte, EPA), and has also earned diplomas in folklore and popular dances in 1997 (Instituto Superior de Arte, ISA). Yasser has danced in numerous show groups in Cuba, and has also won awards in international competitions. In addition, he has both taught and performed all over Europe at different festivals. He is a popular and loved teacher who's lessons are demanding but fun!

At the West Coast Salsa Festival Yasser will have couple salsa, reggaeton and bachata lessons. Besides teaching he will also be one of the dj's playing at the festival parties. And then Yasser aka dj El Beny will be for sure heating up the dance floor!  

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