The festival ticket sales are open! Choose between a full festival pass (including all classes and parties) or individual tickets. 


Includes all dance classes and festival evening parties.

Full Festival pass until 31.12.2021

Full Festival pass until 31.1.2022

Full Festival pass until 28.2.2022

Full Festival pass until 31.3. 2022

Full Festival pass until 30.4.2022

From 1.5.2022 and the door 


140 €




130 €

135 €

140 €


1 h single ticket to dance class

15 €


Friday 6.5.

Hotel's Night Club

Saturday 7.5.

Hotel's Night Club

15 €

25 €

Pre-ticket sales finishes on Thursday 5.5. at 12:00 or earlier if tickets are sold out. 

Collect the prepaid tickets/passes at the festival info desk before the lessons or party with your name (please be prepared to verify your identity when asked). Festival passes are personal. Tickets and passes are non-refundable or changeable. In case of illness the tickets will be refunded upon a valid doctors certificate before the end of the festival via e-mail at porkkabadass (at) 


The aim is to be able to organize the festival by taking careful consideration of the prevailing conditions and instructions of the local authorities. If there are any restrictions or recommendations at the time of the event that require the use of a Corona Passport, participants must be prepared to present a valid Corona Passport.

If the event has to be canceled completely due to a worsening pandemic, the already purchased and paid tickets will be fully reimbursed.  

Porkka Badass Productions reserves the right to changes.